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Could This Local Herb Be The Next Big Thing In Skincare?

Centella Asiatica is more commonly known as Pegaga and Gotu Kola in Malaysia. It has been used as a traditional remedy for many ailments and is now being touted as a viable anti-ageing solution. There are so many skincare and beauty products in the market all wooing us with the

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Why Everyone Needs This Ancient Asian Herbal Blend

Watch the story behind why we created “Pegaga by PurelyB” with a unique blend of ancient herbs and how it works! Pegaga (Gotu Kola), turmeric and papaya leaf are three of nature’s most powerful herbs in the world, used by our ancestors for healing for generations. They provide amazing health

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Heritage Of Pegaga

Pegaga or Gotu Kola as it is commonly known around the world, has been used as a powerful herbal remedy across continents for generations. The botanical name of Pegaga is Centella Asiatica and it has been an important ingredient in many herbal remedies spanning traditional Chinese, African, Southeast Asian and

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