Pegaga (Gotu Kola)— Nature’s Anti-Ageing Gift

The demand for anti-ageing products is expanding rapidly and the relentless search for a natural remedy is real. Pegaga (Gotu Kola) has long been known to have many uses including having anti-ageing properties.

To put thing into monetary perspective, the global anti-ageing market is expected to be worth over an incredible US$215 billion by 2021. This shows that we are all looking for some form of anti-ageing product from creams and types of food to more drastic invasive procedures. Of course ageing gracefully is what we all want to do but if there was a natural product to improve our skin and ease the ageing process without any side effects, we should all be using it.


Pegaga for the skin win

One of the most prominent health and wellness trends over the last few years has been Asian herbal remedies that have been used for centuries as traditional cures and cosmetic solutions. Pegaga as it is known in Malaysia, is currently being used in various brands of skin creams and serums mainly due to its healing and elasticity inducing qualities.

Every anti-ageing product promises the dream of unlined, smooth skin but between the chemicals used and how expensive it can get, opting for a natural, unadulterated solution that has been successfully used for generations makes the most sense. What we need is a viable anti-ageing solution with no side effects and this is where Pegaga by PurelyB comes into play.

Our skin is the largest external organ and needs to be nourished and looked after just like any other part of the body. How can Pegaga help with this?

1. Improve collagen production

Collagen is a fibrous protein found in muscles, tendons, bones and skin. It’s the most common protein in our bodies and has many functions including helping with muscle growth, boosting our metabolism, reducing joint pain and minimising cellulite. Many cosmetic creams and supplements claim to increase collagen, but whether they actually work is doubtful. Research has found that Gotu Kola enhances collagen production and it is currently being used in certain cosmetic products to reduce fine lines (wrinkles) and tighten skin.

2. Reduce cellulite

As we get older, our skin gets thinner and elasticity reduces leading to the dreaded dimpled skin that is cellulite (commonly known as ‘orange peel’ skin). Women are more prone to cellulite and as we age, no matter how fit or what your weight is, it will become more obvious. The active compounds found in Pegaga including asiatic and madecassic acid can help reduce cellulite by improving the overall look and feel of the skin by tightening and healing.

3. Anti-inflammatory effect

Yet another symptom of aging is the appearance of varicose veins (enlarged veins in the legs and feet and broken capillaries (small blood vessels that break and become visible under the skin), usually found on the face and legs. The most common ways of treating these conditions are invasive and require medical attention. Pegaga won’t get rid of varicose veins and broken capillaries, but due its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to improve blood circulation; it can be taken as a preventive measure.

Ageing skin is inevitable; but what we can do is harness the healing power of plants to ease the process. Pegaga by PurelyB combines three powerful organic ingredients – Pegaga, turmeric, papaya leaves – to create a herbal supplement that will do just that plus contribute to your overall health. It’s easy to consume, has no additives and will not only make your skin look better but also boost brain functiondigestion and help with weight loss!

Pegaga by PurelyB is now available for sale online now. Read up on the many benefits, watch the testimonialslisten to the experts and try it for yourself!